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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Under the Sea..World (first trip to SA & Vicki's Graduation)

We headed to San Antonio this past weekend for one of my best friends graduation for physical therapy school. We decided to also make it a little vacation for us and hit a few spots like SeaWorld.

Well as we were getting ready to head out the door, we saw the weather--rain, the ONLY place in Texas getting rain. "Ok, it doesn't look that bad"--remember I said this. Once we got there, we had lunch with Vicki and it was there went our SeaWorld plans.

After lunch, we headed to the hotel to rest up some and let the rain die down. The rain finally let up and we decided to try SeaWorld, we only had 3 hours till they closed put it was perfect timing! We saw every show that they had left. It was so much fun and especially because Peyton was watching everything and was so entertained.
Camera fun!

Someone loves their new animal

Dancing to the music

We brought Shamu home with us

After an exciting first day, we settled in for the night to get ready for Vicki's big day. Around 5am, our power went out...ok, it should come back on in a little while. wait..wait..wait..still waiting. It was pouring down but we decided to try and make it to the graduation. That was not the best decision we made, many roads were flooded, let me clarify every road we had to go down was under water! So we had no choice but to park the car in a parking lot and wait till the rain/water stopped.
waiting out the rain

After waiting it out, the rain FINALLY stopped and the roads cleared up enough to get through. We were able to see Vicki graduate!

Old Roomies

Playing with Nicole

Peyton LOVES Vicki!

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