Peyton's first birthday

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy 1 month Peyton!

Its hard to believe that a month has gone by. It seems like everyday there is something new she is doing.

Here are some facts from the past 2 weeks:

Week 3:
-Her hair is starting to have a reddish tint to it
-she lifts her head up for about 5 seconds without help but is still wobbly
-More alert when she is awake
-Enjoys going outside and swinging on the porch. (Mommy enjoys this too!)
-Legs are getting "chunkier" :)
-Still grunts, laughs, sighs and cries in her sleep. Cade and I lay in the bed laughing at times
          Cade's nickname for her is Squeaky because of all her noises

Can you see the red tint

Week 4:
-introduced a bottle for the first time (she took it well!)
-LOVES "Some Nights " by the band Fun. (we play this song and she stops crying)
-officially upgraded to 0-3 month clothes no more tiny newborn clothes unless we pack in those chunky little legs!
-enjoys us singing and dancing to music
-sleeps better at night and we can go to about 3 hours until we wake her up to eat if she doesn't wake up herself
-enjoys "white noise" at nighttime to help her fall asleep. She particularly likes rain and ocean waves.
-starting to roll to one side (yikes this is too early!!)

worn out from CeeCee

quality father-daughter time
we've upgraded to the tub!

She still loves having her hand by her face just like she did every time we had an ultrasound and she is wide awake at 2a.m.-3a.m. (just like when she would move around in my belly). I think she has observed my twisting my hair, which is a horrible habit I've had all my life that I can't seem to break, because she has started to "play" with her hair while eating I guess we can say like mother like daughter.

I developed mastitis this past week which is an infection in my breast tissue so I'll be on antibiotics for about a week. Apparently it can be a common thing for breastfeeding moms and nothing that harms Peyton. This past weekend I had to take it easy and Cade took over the majority of taking care of Peyton so I could recover.

Upcoming this week is Cade's last week at McKesson. He will now be working from home! He has 2 weeks of training to attend (a week in Plano and a week in North Carolina) so I have informed the grandparents about the needed help so I can have a break to do the necessities like taking a shower! Haha. I've been trying to work on knitting but I've realized that I don't have the down time I need to really work on it at this time, so Peyton and I are catching up on some much needed reading!


  1. Happy one-month, Peyton! We love you! Looks like the Roper is coming out in her; love the auburn hair :)

  2. Yep, she may mostly look like me but she wouldn't be a Roper without a little red!