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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 weeks old

Its hard to imagine that 2 weeks ago our little girl was born. We've done a lot in the past 14 days.
Our first pediatrician appointment was the Monday after she was born. The doctor was really pleased with her color and surprised at how "pink" she was. She lost some weight since being in the hospital and currently was 6 lbs 10 oz which the doctor said was normal for her to lose weight. We  had our list of questions to ask her and it wouldn't have been complete without pooping on the pedi scale! Our next appointment was scheduled for a week later to make sure she is gaining weight.
First bath at home....not really a fan
Second bath went a lot better. She likes her mohawk

During our first week, we had multiple visitors (friends and family) come by to visit Peyton and help us out. It was great to see how many people care about her. Cade is off for 2 weeks and we have realized how fast time goes by during the day with a newborn. We try to "sleep in" till 9a.m. then Peyton is up for the day. I know everyone says sleep when she sleeps and we try to but at times when you are up, you're up!
So our first week consisted of:
-eating every 2 hours
-changing about 16 diapers a day
-sleeping (well Peyton)
-taking 20 pictures a day of her
Fingers near mouth, we know what time it is.

Week 2
We had our follow-up doctor appointment and Peyton gained some weight and is 7lbs 2 oz (though with all the feeding I feel like it should have been more) and 20 1/2 inches. The doctor was happy with the amount of weight gain and how she is doing overall. She had follow-up screening tests and didn't even cry when the nurse stuck her! Our next visit is at 2 months where we get our first round of immunizations (I just hope she is as good then as she was at our last visit but I know its going to be completely different).

We also had our newborn pictures which from the sneak peek look fabulous! Peyton made sure to leave her mark on every quilt that we used!

Peyton playing with daddy. She rolled over to look at him!

Cade returned to work this week and it has been an adjustment especially for him because of the lack of sleep. It was nice to have us all together at home.
This week's developments:
-Peyton is more awake
-Grunts in her sleep
-Starting to smile while awake (and smiles while sleeping so she must be having good dreams)
-Our growth spurt has started early because at 1 1/2 hours she wanting to eat (its like clock work-she is never late!)
-CRY when hungry (no more needing to wake her up to eat) and cry when we change her diaper but she doesn't cry when she is wet
-loves to be held and walked around the house--she knows when you sit down and will wake up and cry

She loves making this face and always has a hand by her face

I love my nap nanny!

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  1. She's growing so fast! Can't believe how much she has changed already :) Happy 3 week birthday, Peyton!