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Thursday, April 12, 2012

27 weeks

This past month we have been busy! We've been doing the usual-work, school and preparing for baby but also trying to enjoy the couple time we have left.
My last check up went well, Peyton's heartbeat is strong and I'm feeling well (though my sleep has not gotten better).

So far this past month:
-Pregnancy brain: I have to rely on Cade for things now which is pretty scary because he relies on me!
-Its getting hotter and hotter (or at least I'm feeling this)
-Pre-registered at the hospital
-Signed up for classes
-Peyton has kept my belly busy (she wakes up at 2am and 4:30am and moves around thus I don't sleep)
-Turned in maternity leave paperwork
-Now I'm craving cinnamon rolls (I still love my rice krispie treats)
-Celebrated my 25th birthday
-Cade got a new job :)

This past weekend we went to College Station. I've really been "home sick" and it was such a beautiful day, plus we needed to get some A&M stuff for Peyton.

                We've decided to have a family picture under the ring every year :)

Next week will be our 28 week appointment: lab work, glucose test but unfortunately no ultrasound. We are now at every 2 week appointments. Third trimester and only 3 short months till our little one is here.

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