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Monday, January 30, 2012

17 weeks

Today we went to our appointment to complete some follow-up blood work and got the listen to our baby's heartbeat. Doctor said everything is going well and the baby is doing great. So far the second trimester has been kind, just restlessness and headaches. Our next appointment (February 16th) we will find out by ultrasound the gender of baby Roper. That will be a great Valentine's day and birthday present for us!

Since we don't have an ultrasound picture to share this time, a belly shot will have to do. Baby Roper is continuing to grow! I've only gained 1/2 a pound this entire pregnancy but I know the pounds will start coming later.

Predictions on baby Roper: Myself: A Boy, Cade: A Girl. Everyone keeps telling me they think its a girl but I have a feeling about this, I only have a 50% chance of being wrong. We have our girl name picked out but are stilling working on boy names.

Stay Tuned for February 16th..


  1. Cute baby bump, Tiffany! Glad your second trimester is going well. Andy and I vote 'girl' :)

  2. Aww you are still so tiny! Adorable pregnant friend! :) and I still think my dream about you having a baby girl is a premonition! Lol

  3. Thanks Nicole & Caley! I've grown since this picture--it seems like over night! We will see if ya'll are right about it being a girl, we just want a healthy baby. :)