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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving flew by! We first started out at Mamaw's House. It was good seeing everyone again. The last time we were able to go to Thanksgiving was about 4 years ago (freshmen year of college). While the food was cooking, we played bean bag toss. We were doing very well, I made several in one after another. We were on a winning streak until the last game in which Logan and Neely won. It was a very good meal and great company, we were sad to leave early but headed back to watch the UT vs. A&M game. WHOOP!

Friday was Thanksgiving with the Camps. We had Popeye's fry the turkey so we could spend the rest of the time working on the side dishes. It was nice because Cade's mom, Logan and grandmother came over to join us.
It was Cade's first time carving the turkey.

Its tradition to put up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. This year we were a little cautious about even putting one up with what happened last year. Rusty was a kitten and we could NOT keep him out of the tree. By the end of December last year, we had 1/2 a tree of ornaments.

Last years tree with Rusty in it
We thought this year would be different so we went and picked out our first Christmas tree together. The decorating started off good but Rusty management to knock down several ornaments already. I guess we will just see how much we have left when Christmas gets closer.

Rudy eating the tree

Rusty eyeing an ornament

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