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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ladybug "Bug-Mobile" Cozy Coupe Makeover

All the new rage on pinterest is upcycling cozy coupes so I figured I'd give it a try.

I bought this used coupe online

I've seen lots of minnie mouse coupes on pinterest and was initially planning on doing that but really wanted something different. I thought a ladybug car would be so sweet!

We used Krylon outdoor plastic paint, cable wire & styrofoam balls (for the antennas) and vinyl circles I cut out myself. After several evenings on painting and putting all the pieces back together, this is what it looked like.

And it wouldn't be complete without her very own license plate.

We think she liked it....especially since we are pushing her around in it all the time.

And testing her bug-mobile out outside.


  1. Love your ladybug idea!! I was just curious though, how were you able to attach the cable wire to both the cozy coupe and the foam balls?

    1. I first attached the foam balls to the cable wire by simply pushing the wire into the foam. Then I drilled two holes into the top of the cozy coupe, just enough to be a snug fit. We wanted our antennas to be able to move some so we did not apply any adhesive to keep them fixed in one place. Hope that helps!

    2. Hi can I ask what cable wire you used please? I'm struggling to find anything suitable

  2. Yes, that helps! I just wasn't sure if you used any hardware to make it more permanent. I have to admit, I'm copying some of your work, I just love it so much! Thanks!

  3. Did you paint the wheels as well or replace them? If you painted them, how well did they hold up?

  4. Cool! I might get copy your idea for my daughters!

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  6. How has the paint held up with use?